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PLAYOFF PREVIEW: Wildcats Return to CACC Tournament After Two-Year Hiatus

PLAYOFF PREVIEW: Wildcats Return to CACC Tournament After Two-Year Hiatus

NEWARK, Del. - - After missing the last two Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference Tournaments, the Wilmington University volleyball team returns to postseason play as the South Division's No. 4 seed, traveling to the North Division's top seed Post on Tuesday for the First Round.

The Wildcats had a renaissance year after missing the past two CACC Tournaments, going 19-13 overall while going 13-6 in CACC play. The Eagles won the North Division's regular season championship with a 16-14 overall record, matching the Wildcats record with a 13-6 in CACC play.

The Wildcats and Eagles played at the WU Athletics Complex this season, with the Wildcats snapping a three-match losing streak to the Eagles with a 3-0 victory on September 15. The Wildcats hold the edge in CACC Tournament matches against the Eagles as well, 2-1, but Post had the upper hand in their latest CACC Tournament contest in 2015, 3-2, in the semifinals. 

Tickets/Admission for CACC Volleyball Tournament:

Adults: $8.00
Students, Children and Senior Citizens: $4.00
Children under the age of three: Free

Links to Follow the CACC Volleyball Tournament First Round:

Live Stats at Post:
Live Video: ($5 fee to watch)
CACC Tournament Bracket:

Scouting the South's No. 4 Wilmington University Wildcats:

The Wildcats ended the season with a 3-2 victory at USciences on Saturday, but have only gone 2-4 in their last six matches after a four match win streak at the beginning of October.

The Wildcats' offense is led by Mandy Behiels, as she is seventh in the CACC in averaging 3.26 kills per set. She is also eighth in the CACC in averaging 3.64 points per set. Bailey Andrews is second on the season and 21st in the CACC in putting down 2.25 kills per set while Rebecca Rawlinson is second on the team and 21st in the league in averaging 2.75 points per set.

Rebecca Rawlinson leads the CACC and is the only player in the league averaging more than one block per set, tallying 1.03 blocks per set. Freshman Angel Oliver is tied for second in the CACC in averaging 0.93 blocks per set as well while Caroline Wise is 12th in the league in denying 0.69 attack attempts per set. As a team, the Wildcats lead the CACC with 2.22 blocks per set, 0.44 per set more than Post who is in second.

Sticking with defense, Jenna Brown leads the CACC with 599 digs on the year, ranking second overall in averaging 5.08 digs per set. The Wildcats lead the CACC with 2,012 digs on the year, second overall in averaging 17.05 digs per set. That number goes up in CACC play, leading the league in getting to 18.08 balls per set.

Scouting the North's No. 1 Post University Eagles:

Post dropped their regular season finale as well, losing the overall number one seed to Holy Family, 3-1, on Saturday at the Drubner Center. The Eagles are 1-2 in their last three overall, but are 8-3 since the start of October overall.

The offense is led by Madison Hunziker who is fifth in the CACC in putting down 3.45 kills per set. She is fourth overall in the CACC with 4.06 points per set. Rylie arms is second on the team and 15th in the CACC in averaging 2.63 kills per set. She is also 12th overall in the league in averaging 3.21 points per set.

Post is second in the league in blocks per set, led by Ashley Levatino's 0.93 blocks per set average, ranking tied for second behind Rawlinson. Ann Marie Nelson is second on the team and 13th in the league with 0.66 blocks per set.

The Eagles' setter Brianna Root is third in the CACC in dishing out 9.35 assists per set, jumping up to 10.48 assists per set in CACC play.  Defensively, Root also leads the Eagles in digs, averaging 3.14 per set to rank 13th in the CACC.

Wilmington in the CACC Tournament:

2004 (2-0): #1 Wilmington def. #5 NJIT, 3-0; #1 Wilmington def. #2 Teikyo Post, 3-1
2005 (1-1): #4 Wilmington def. #5 Bloomfield, 3-2; #1 Goldey-Beacom def. #4 Wilmington, 3-0
2006 (0-1): #4 Goldey-Beacom def. #5 Wilmington, 3-2
2007: DNP
2008 (0-1): S#1 Georgian Court def. S#4 Wilmington, 3-0
2009: DNP
2010 (0-1): S#2 Philadelphia def. S#3 Wilmington, 3-0
2011 (1-1): S#3 def. N#2 Dominican, 3-1; S#1 Holy Family def. S#3 Wilmington, 3-1
2012 (2-1): S#1 Wilmington def. N#4 Post, 3-0; S#1 Wilmington def. S#3 Georgian Court, 3-2; N#1 Dominican def. S#1 Wilmington, 3-0
2013 (1-1): S#1 Wilmington def. N#4 Felician, 3-0; S#3 Georgian Court def. S#1 Wilmington, 3-0
2014 (1-1): S#2 Wilmington def. N#3 Dominican, 3-0; N#1 Caldwell def. S#2 Wilmington, 3-1
2015 (1-1): S#2 Wilmington def. N#3 Caldwell, 3-2; N#1 Post def. S#2 Wilmington, 3-2
2016: DNP
2017: DNP

Overall: 9-9

Season and All-Time Records vs. CACC Tournament Semifinal Participants:

North Division:
#1 Post University Eagles: 2018 – vs. W 3-0; All-Time – 16-4; CACC Tournament – 2-1
#2 Caldwell University Cougars: 2018 – vs. L 3-2; All-Time – 8-8; CACC Tournament – 1-1
#3 Nyack College Warriors: 2018 – vs. W 3-2; All-Time – 15-2; CACC Tournament – 0-0
#4 Felician University Golden Falcons: 2018 - @ W 3-1; All-Time – 17-1; CACC Tournament – 1-0

South Division:
#1 Holy Family University Tigers: 2018 – vs. L 3-2, @ L 3-0; All-Time – 15-16; CACC Tournament – 0-1
#2 Georgian Court University Lions: 2018 - @ L 3-1, vs. W 3-1; All-Time – 14-21; CACC Tournament – 1-2
#3 Jefferson Rams: 2018 – vs. L 3-0; @ L 3-1; All-Time – 7-20; CACC Tournament – 0-1
#4 Wilmington University Wildcats


Quarterfinals (Tuesday, Nov. 6, at sites of highest seeds)
#4S Wilmington at #1N Post (6 p.m.)
#3N Nyack at #2S Georgian Court (6 p.m.)
#4N Felician at #1S Holy Family (6 p.m.)
#3S Jefferson at #2N Caldwell (6 p.m.)

Semifinals (Saturday, Nov. 10, at Georgian Court Univ.)
Match Featuring Highest Remaining Seed (1 p.m.)
Match Featuring Remaining Two Seeds (3:30 p.m.)

Championship Final (Sunday, Nov. 11, at Georgian Court Univ.)
Semifinal #1 Winner vs. Semifinal #2 Winner (12 p.m.)